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Anchor Telecom has been installing VoIP communications systems for the last 7 years. We take pride in selling a quality product.
Our problem was we could not sell a quality fax solution that was reliable.
Once we tested the t38 fax product we were thrilled. We finally found a fax solution that works! With knowledgeable technicians that know their stuff we couldn’t be more happy to re-sell their services. Highly Recommended !

Dan Gagnon

Owner, Anchor Telecom, Inc.

Sensoria Networking is an IT consulting company with several clients. I will only use products that I feel are rock solid. When installing VoIP solutions, faxing over VoIP has always been the sand in my bathing suit. I discovered T38FAX and now the problems with intermittent success and device setup issues are gone. The solution is clean, easy to operate, and reliable. Another very important aspect is that I like to talk to the people who’s product I am installing, and the folks at T38FAX are exceptional with regards to tech support, availability, and being human. I also agree with all the other comments I have read and am happy I found them.

George Kalman

President, Sensoria Networking

Went to a VOIP service for voice and have been happy with it for our small satellite office. Then began my search for a fax solution to be free of land lines altogether. Found t38fax and set up a trunk that I forwarded the land line to for testing. Had some issues getting my Ricoh all in one to play right. The folks at t38fax told me what settings to looks for. I had to help my local machine service guy find the proper settings in the manual, but once these were set correctly, everything works great! The support team has been great to work with. They follow up to ask how things were going through the process. They have ported my old number now and we are now free of _ _& _!

Billy Lott

Safety Coordinator, Max Foote Construction

We have been using t38fax for 18 months now. We have six locations in three western states, all 24hr healthcare facilities with critical needs in terms of faxing. Our volume is around 6000+ pages per month. Faxes were a constant nightmare when trying to jockey the remaining POTS lines with some voip lines we’d brought in for voice. After several years, we eliminated virtually every problem we had by deploying T38Fax. These guys have a powerhouse solution, rock solid, always up, that plays wonderfully with our pbx (fax to email conversion), and we’re happy with the price. Our faxes now are more stable than they were with POTS lines.

Major time and energy saver for our IT staff, and myself.

Tyson Frantz

Owner, Guardian Angel Homes

T38 is made up of a team that I have come to trust and rely on for our fax service needs. Stefanie, Todd, Morgan, and Chih all have helped out on numerous occasions and we will continue to rely on them as our company grows.

Matt Cooper

Provisioning Administrator, TelWare

We recently added T38Fax as our FoIP solution. The ease of configuration of the trunk is phenomenal . We were very impressed by the quality of support and their in-depth resources to configure Cisco ATA . This is the best that we can get for such a competitive price.

Ajinkya Joshi

Network Engineer, SuperCare Health

We switched to T38Fax from a POTS line server about 2 months ago. The transition was smooth. Had to install Brooktrout Software for our Zetafax install, but the t38 people were very helpful.

Saves a lot of money.

Tom Lohrmann

NOC Manager, Streamline Healthcare Solutions

Darren and Morgan have both provided superb support for us as we’ve expanded our operations and grown our footprint.

They are detailed, accurate and diligent with their responses to our tickets. They often go the extra mile and work with us in cooperation to help us deliver to our customers the best fax platform possible.

On a scale of 1 – 10, I would rate their support @ a 10 for sure!

Tim Winn

Manager, Technical Services, DRNS Software Solutions

We recently added T38Fax as our FoIP solution. The ease of configuration of the trunk is phenomenal. We were very impressed by the quality of support and their in-depth resources to configure our Cisco ATA. This is the best that we can get for such a competitive price.

Ajinkya Joshi

Network Engineer, SuperCare Health

The T38Fax staff and network pretty much perform miracles in front of our eyes. It took us 10 years in the VoIP business to finally be able to support faxing, and I couldn’t have done it without T38Fax.


COO, Junction Cloud Connections

Our experience with T38Fax is one to value. Their technical staff’s ability to go above and beyond is rare in the industry. Support is always fast and reliable. Very happy with our service and overall experience.

Luis Arango

Senior System Admin, Funcshun

I have worked with T38Fax.com for about a year an a half and moved hundreds of phone numbers to their service. Their service works well with XMedius Fax Server and has reliability and up-time our customers can depend on. I have a 100% success rate working with their helpdesk staff, namely John and Darren. They are highly knowledgeable and great to work with. Could not recommend them any higher!

Jon Loane

Senior Engineer, Ray Morgan Company

We have been using T38 Fax which was highly recommended by others in our field and our vendor. The service has been wonderful and they even helped us get our faxing software setup which was not part of their job description. Very happy with our service!

James Sneed

IT/Customer Care, Personalized Communications

We use T38Fax for over 200 of our clients and they work flawlessly. The ease of setup and maintenance is great. Their technical staff is always very fast and knowledgeable, and anything regarding porting of numbers or ordering new lines is fast and easy.

Chad Snowdy

Network Engineer , Data Solutions

T38Fax.com provides outstanding service that Always works! Their technical support are true technicians, not screen readers.

Tony Cripps

IT Manager, Jacksonville Jetport, LLC

We’ve sent several million faxes since migrating to T38Fax, and we’ve not had a single demonstrable case where faxes fail when using T38Fax but succeed with our previous carrier. Thank you for the outstanding service!



T38Fax.com is the only carrier I’ve ever dealt with that can actually read and diagnose T.38 fax traces and packet captures. What a relief to finally find someone who can solve our T.38 problems – we’ve been looking on and off for years and these guys are the ONLY ones who have delivered.

Vito Gioia

CEO, IntelliVoice

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