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We offer simple, usage-based pricing with no minimum term.

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Power-T.38 Pricing is Simple!

Power-T.38 Pricing Summary

SIP Trunks

  • $7/month per SIP trunk

Most people only need 1 SIP trunk and each trunk supports unlimited concurrent calls (simultaneous calls on multiple DIDs). This does not include usage costs for each of these calls, which are in addition to the SIP trunk fee.

Fax Numbers

  • $2/month per local fax number (DID)

At least one fax number per SIP trunk is required to send and receive fax calls. It will be the billing telephone number (BTN).

  • $5/month per toll free fax number


  • $0.025/min outgoing fax (US & Canada)
  • $0.025/min metered incoming fax (to local DIDs)
  • $0.050/min metered incoming fax (to toll free numbers)

* Volume discounts available for usage above 1,000 minutes/month. Questions about our prices? Contact Sales


  • Each fax page takes roughly 1 minute to send/receive.
  • A second SIP trunk would be needed in order to connect to another SIP device or server.
  • T38Fax does not offer a flat rate plan with unlimited usage.
  • T.38 fax transmissions are data, not voice, but are still billed in minutes just like traditional phone calls.