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About T38Fax


T38Fax is comprised of fax industry veterans, having been heavily involved in both the technical and business sides of this technology since our company was founded in 2002. We have watched with interest as the telecommunications industry has moved away from traditional circuit-switched (TDM) phone lines towards the converged data/voice packet-switched (SIP/VoIP) phones lines, and we specialize in helping our customers fax reliably over those telephone lines using T.38 Fax Over IP (a data transmission that’s insensitive to VoIP audio glitches) instead of a traditional G.711-based audio call.

Until now, our customers have contracted with their local phone company for their combined telephone and fax service. We could not control the quality of those lines, but for the most part the quality was acceptable and, if not, the carrier would fix the problem.

The invention of VoIP combined with de-regulation of the telephone industry led to an explosion of small IP-based phone companies in the past few years, however, and most of these companies have not designed their networks to support T.38 FoIP correctly. And it’s not just limited to the small carriers … even the large ones have, for the most part, neglected to engineer support for fax into their next-generation networks. In 2013, realizing that we could not put our hand on our heart and recommend a single SIP service with a truly robust T.38 fax implementation at the core of their network, we set out to build one ourselves.

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